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Our story.

GroomPro POS is a family business founded in November 2016 under the name Groom Pro POS.

“Helping small and medium sized businesses has always been our passion. Growing up listening to the trials and errors of a small third generation family business had an immeasurable impact on our future.”

Lucy Stevens CEO and Founder, grew up passionate about animals, from dogs and cats to horses. After consulting businesses how to increase their sales, Lucy was ready use her knowledge in an industry which she was truly excited about, grooming.

Nathaniel Stevens, Co-Founder, after working at the family dealership for many years launched yodel.com a web based software focused on leveling the playing field for SMB online. 50,000 clients later, we feel safe to say he hit the nail on the head.

With the help of successful pet salon owners and well versed IT developers, GroomPro POS was built to automatically cover the basics grooming business owners needs to run their operations more smoothly with less stress. Today, we are confident that GroomPro POS is the best POS software the industry has ever seen.

“Being a pet salon business owner should be fun, not stressful. We feel confident that pet groomers will love it as much as we do”. Lucy Stevens - CEO

Our crew.

“I manage and am responsible for the people, operations and strategy at GroomPro POS”


Founder & CEO

“I am responsible of the numbers and financials here at GroomPro POS”



“I manage the demos, customer support and post customer experience here at GroomPro POS”


Customer Success Director

“I am responsible to bring new clients on board and lead the demos here at GroomPro POS”


Regional Sales Director

“I manage the organic marketing and communications here at GroomPro POS”


Marketing Director

“I am the inspiration and the most valuable employee here at GroomPro POS”


The Best Employee

Our mission.

GroomPro POS's mission is to help promote, market and advance the trade between local businesses and consumers. Helping buyers find the right sellers and vice versa. By learning how currency moves, we can help these groups support one another, creating sustainable local markets that keep and create jobs locally and get money and people moving.

Our vision.

GroomPro POS's wants to be distinguished as most customer centric grooming software in the market.

Our values.

  • Security, Reliability and Fair Dealings. We ensure our ecosystem is secure, reliable and fair. GroomPro POS uses the most advanced techniques available today to build a system that protects your business data and customer information
  • Local Focus, Global Impact. GroomPro POS focus on local and small businesses. We believe they are the essence of our community and make our local economies better.
  • Sustainable Profit. Making money does not equal success if that money was not earned fairly. We guarantee no hidden costs and the lowest transaction rates, everyday.
  • Exchanging value should be easy for all. Our team is open to exchange their knowledge with your business. We expect you to share your expectations and needs to keep providing you the best grooming software in the market.

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