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Advantages of Cloud Based Software for Pet Businesses

Advantages of Cloud Based Software for Pet Businesses

Cloud based softwares are a no brainer. Continue reading to learn why.

So…you’ve made the decision to enhance your grooming business with management software like GroomPro POS. However, you have always been a ‘purchase with the enclosed disk’ type of person making the concept of cloud based software is a bit of a hurdle. Let’s talk about the advantages of cloud based software for pet businesses that will enhance and protect your business and, best of all, provide you with some peace of mind.


There are a great many reasons to opt for a cloud-based management software program. Products like GroomPro POS adhere to the highest levels of security to ensure payments processed and customer data are maintained with minimal risk. A hard copy version is often at greater risk of a breach than a cloud based variation.


Cloud based software will be updated by the maker of the product on a regular basis and any ‘bugs’ will be sorted out with little to no effort on your part. Similar issues identified within a hard copy version will require a new disk to ‘de-bug’ or upgrade the software. Guess who gets the fun task of installing the updates? That would be you….add that to your to-do list.


Within the context of business based fears, one of my top fears is the thought of my computer crashing. In a local server with locally installed software, business would be halted until new hardware is purchased and the software is installed. Further, anything added to the system since the last backup would be lost. With cloud based software, you still need to get a new computer, you can access the software immediately and no data is lost. You will have a reasonably seamless transition from the old computer to the new one, with all of your data intact.


Convenience is the next benefit I can think of. When working with a downloaded product, you are chained to the one computer on which the program is located. If you want to run reports or check a piece of information while you are at home, you will find yourself unable to get the work done. With cloud based computing, you can log in from another device, giving you the edge of getting some work done while at home or on the go.

So, with software like GroomPro POS, you know you will have accessible, yet safe data, easily transitioned data in case of a hardware emergency, and your product will be regularly updated to keep you as current as possible. But in the land of reasons why cloud based software is better than downloaded software, there is yet another reason why cloud based reigns supreme.


Speed! Computers and mobile devices have made us all very impatient. As customers, we expect that computers will run from screen to screen without a hitch. As the business owner operating the product, if you are using downloaded software, you may find yourself frustrated with the degree to which your computer is slowed down. Cloud based computing solutions do not take up space in this way on your computer. Thus, speed is not an issue. This is crucial when a client is waiting to book Fluffy’s next bath or provide you with updated contact information.


There is only one key reason to stay with downloaded software – fear. Fear often keeps us doing things the same old way. It is comfortable even if it is less functional. Moving your business ahead of the competition means taking a deep breath and doing it. Give yourself an honest assessment of what you are using in your grooming business today. Are you hanging onto it because it is providing you with excellence or because you are simply used to it? Could it do more for you and make things easier to get the job done? If you think it’s time for a more modern experience for your business operations, give a cloud based solution, like GroomPro POS, a serious look. It could be exactly what you need to make your good business great.

Good luck!

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