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What business analytics are important to watch as a Groomer?

What business analytics are important to watch as a Groomer?

Business Analytics: How Do You Know What to Look For?

Installing operational management software like GroomPro POS is an investment in your grooming business. Whether you operate from a physical location or have chosen to work in a mobile grooming unit, a pet grooming software program like GroomPro POS is designed to enhance your marketing, scheduling, online booking, customer management and, of course, the ability to know what business analytics are important to watch and how to track it all. Since you got into this business to pamper pets – not to putter around with software – pulling reports should be easy to do. And, those reports should be easy to understand.

What reports should you be reviewing to make sure your business is really moving forward, your clients are truly happy, and your marketing efforts are, in fact, paying off? With GroomPro POS, the reporting functions are simple and easy to run and to understand. They were not developed for techies. They are designed with you, the small business owner, in mind. Reports in the system that you may want to check regularly include:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports,

  • Retention reports,

  • For those with other groomers on board, a groomer sales breakdown, and,

  • Finally, weekly summaries (that identify who has mentioned you online, what have they said).

What to find in the Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports?

GroomPro POS daily, weekly and monthly reports can show you the number of customers, the gross revenue and the net revenue during a window of time. You can even do year over year comparisons to see if you are increasing business from June of this year, for example, versus that same period last year. You can see if you are increasing revenues per customer or if you have increased your total number of customers served.

What to find in the Retention reports?

Out Dog grooming software retention reports will provide you with insights into the patterns of customers. Does Mrs. Smith come in every four weeks with Fluffy or is that a more frequent cycle than in the past? Is she showing up less frequently? Perhaps using some of the other features in GroomPro POS (text reminders to schedule an appointment) can improve the level of consistency in booking appointments for her fur baby. Targeted emails, perhaps with a loyalty promotion, can help improve retention when you know which customers need an added ‘nudge’ to book again.

GroomPro POS Analytic report dashboard
GroomPro POS Analytics Dashboard

What to find in the Groomer’s Sales breakdown reports?

Perhaps the past year saw the hiring of three new groomers to increase business at your grooming salon. Are they all pulling their weight? Do they service comparable numbers of clients or is one slacking off? Sometimes it appears that one is outperforming the others until the report shows actual numbers (numbers of customers and revenue yielded). A report of this kind can also show you if your team is upselling add-on services (i.e. tooth brushing) or retail sales. Use this report to ensure every member of the team is working to make your business a resounding success.

What to find in the Weekly summary reports?

Weekly summaries are an important tool  of our pet grooming software that can help you identify what your customer base is saying about you online. Use this report to learn who is commenting about you on social media and what they are saying. This report is a quick and easy too to verify that customers who tell you they are satisfied are commenting on social media with positive ratings.

What to find in the Canned reports?

‘Canned’ reports refer to pre-formatted reports that you can access from the system. GroomPro POS offers a large number of canned reports to review how your business is doing in all sorts of ways. Use it to entice customers to stay active, keep up to date on how each member of your staff is doing, and review how the business is doing [year over year] and so much more.

Operational management software like GroomPro POS is designed to do two things – help your business run more smoothly and keep your business competitive with other grooming salons. If you are going to expend the effort to implement and use such software, why not choose the best. Choose GroomPro POS and get the most out of your software.

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