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At the End of the Day, It’s All About the Customer Experience

At the End of the Day, It’s All About the Customer Experience

Customer Experience – The Make or Break of your Grooming Business

There is a long held belief in business that the customer is always right. Some may disagree, but, the truth is, whether the customer is right or wrong, if he/she is dissatisfied, it is a safe bet that you have lost a customer. Another way to look at it is: if the customer is right, he/she is right; if the customer is NOT right, he/she is still right. At the end of the day, It’s all about the Customer Experience, one of the most crucial components to a successful business is how positive this experience is.

Provide Exceptional Service

How do you keep your customers coming back for more? I’m working under the premise that you are skilled at what you do. Therefore, the customer books the service, comes for the service, and is provided with true quality in the provision of that service. For pet groomers, that would mean Fido or Fluffy is received promptly and provided with a lush bath, great haircut and blow out to rival the finest NYC salons. Nails are clipped, ears are clean, and teeth are brushed. When mom or dad picks up their fur-baby, the first impression is a fantastic one. Those are the basics – the part of the experience that is expected and, if customers are discerning, absolutely demanded. Thus, it is everything else that will set you apart from the competition in creating an exceptional customer experience.

Online Booking

A strong back-end computer system – like GroomPro POS, will provide your business with the ability to attend to small details that will take you only moments, but, to your customer base, appear to be extra effort. Once up and running, your system can provide the opportunity for customers to book online. When they remember late at night that an appointment is needed, they can book from their laptop or mobile device – no need to wait for business hours to open. The system will ensure you do not double-book, preventing embarrassing delays and reducing stress for your furry clientele, who want nothing more than to go home. A text reminder can be sent to clients before each appointment, which should result in improved on-time arrivals that help keep you on schedule. Another text can be sent to let customers know that their pet is all ready for pick up, again, reducing stress to the animals in your care.

Follow-up message to promote Customer Reviews

A follow-up can be sent attached to the e-receipt or about 3 hours after service (deemed the most effective time to get a review) with a customized thank you and review request. Anything rated 4 stars or higher can be automatically uploaded to your website and/or FB page. Anything 3 stars or below can generate a customized, but automated message from the business’ spokesperson (likely you as the owner) apologizing for their experience and asking how to improve.  Providing feedback for your social media can be rewarded by a discount code for their next service. This offers you enhanced word-of-mouth marketing that takes no added time out of your schedule. Help Scout’s  points out that only 4% of customers who have a bad experience voice their opinion; 91% simply do not return. With GroomPro POS, providing feedback is so easy that you can try to work with the 4% as well as encourage your happy majority to promote you. This, in turn aides in recouping any lost customers.

In Summary

Let’s recap a bit. You already provide great service to your furry clientele. Now, with your GroomPro POS system, customers have the added convenience of booking an appointment at their leisure, receiving reminders before coming in for the service and thank you notes once they get home, as well as an opportunity to book a follow up appointment. Further, customers are encouraged to help promote you through social media, which will yield them a discount when they come back. You, through this process, avoid double booking, stay on schedule more readily, have clients who arrive on time and book more frequent appointments, and have added marketing to those connected to your customer base.

Enhancing your customers’ experience may be the single most important component in determining your level of success. Choose a system that helps you offer a million dollar experience without spending a fortune or adding hours to your day. And remember, always leave them wanting more!

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