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Reward Great Service with Customer Facing Tips

Reward Great Service with Customer Facing Tips

Groomers Make an Additional $18,000/year with Customer Facing Tips!

According to a story by CNN Money, tipping isn’t just for restaurants anymore. We are all comfortable with the idea of adding a gratuity for good service to our credit card receipt at a restaurant, but, according to this article, more industries – from hospitality to healthcare practices an array of professional services are using technology to enhance business by offering customers and clients the opportunity to leave a gratuity for their service provider. GroomPro POS is launching customer facing tips feature, the first in the industry, to allow pet parents to leave a gratuity when picking up their furbabies.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Do I need to offer a tipping feature at my grooming salon?” Well, let’s look at some statistics and numbers (I promise, it’s not a math lesson).

Advantages of the tipping screen

Tipping can be an optional feature with GroomPro POS. Once the screen for the service provided is done, a screen can come up that offers the opportunity to leave a gratuity. Pre-calculated percentages can be offered (15, 18 and 20 percent, for example), as well as the opportunity to pop in a specific amount. The signature screen would then follow. Customers are becoming more and more comfortable with seeing this tipping screen, so they are likely to feel quite comfortable when it populates on the screen. According to one of the largest mobile processing providers, more than 70% of taxi, food service, and other hospitality industries are using tipping screens, so we are quite serious when we say that customers are used to seeing them. When customers are presented with an option to leave a tip, they are much more inclined to do so, yielding higher earning for each worker. Further, industries that never utilized the concept of tipping are now employing them, resulting in the opportunity to tip your medical provider, legal counsel and others you encounter as a customer or client. Clearly, the pet service industry would benefit from this offering.

The extra revenue behind the Tip

In surveys conducted with GroomPro POS clients and others in the industry, we’ve learned that many grooming salons yield as much as $75 per groomer, per day with customer facing tips… Here comes the math…that totals $18,000 per year per groomer. In a large salon, with, perhaps 10 groomers, that’s an additional $180,000 per year.  With GroomPro POS, those numbers can go even higher, based on the increased likeliness of tipping when it is right in front of the customer. It is a simple reminder that their groomer just turned a scruffy fluffy into a clean and well-groomed ball of love. They are very likely to want to reward that service and, with GroomPro POS, it will be much easier to do so.  Those added gratuities will mean happier staff for you, increasing your business’ day-to-day operational flow.

Like every feature included in GroomPro POS, the tipping feature is designed to help bring you one step closer to the success you always dreamed of. Happy, high earning staff, satisfied customers and an easy way to manage it all.

Remember, stay ahead of the competition. Be prepared for all contingencies. Take steps toward success. ….And live a life you can enjoy. Call GroomPro POS today at (855) 811 7550