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Essential Things to Consider prior to Hiring New Groomers

Essential Things to Consider prior to Hiring New Groomers

Essential Things to Consider prior to Hiring New Groomers

Picture this scenario: You work for a grooming salon. You have a vision in your head of how you would run your own business. While you save for the start-up funds to launch a business, you do some research. You find the perfect location, the retail line(s) you wish to carry at the salon, come up with a great name/logo/tagline, select a software system to serve as your back end (we, of course, suggest GroomPro POS), etc. You have sharp skills as a groomer and know how you like each fluffy client to look following a wonderful grooming experience. You begin advertising and promoting your business until, finally, you open your doors. You are underway. News travels fast and business grows as you develop a strong reputation. Soon you find you can barely keep up with the number of clients booking appointments. It’s time to add some staff. This is a pretty rosy picture of business growth for a start-up. It’s what everyone at GroomPro POS hopes for with every great new dog grooming salon so, we share the essential things to consider prior to hiring new groomers.

The scenario does, however, raise the question of how to go about hiring quality groomers. There are, traditionally, two schools of thought on how to do this: Hiring established groomers or hire brand new groomers you can train

Hiring Experienced Pet Groomers

The first line of logic says to hire those who are established groomers with a following. Groomers who have experience will be less likely to make ‘rookie’ mistakes in grooming styles. They are also likely to bring a client base that is loyal to them. If he/she is committed to continuing education, they will have taken courses in the latest styles, trends and techniques so you need not spend any time on training. With every up-side, there is down-side. Experienced groomers are not likely to change their style to conform to your preferred methods, styles or looks. Thus, you will need to take them ‘as-is’.

Hiring Inexperienced Pet Groomers

Hiring inexperienced groomers means they will need to learn from you in an apprentice fashion. Initially, they will not be able to take on the handling customers solo, nor will they bring a following. That means taking more of your time at the start. The up-side of hiring someone new to the industry is being able to train them the way YOU want them to work. They will follow your methods, styles and looks for the clients. This will be helpful will the overflow that likely caused you to look for new staff in the first place. They are typically paid at a lower rate until they have honed their skills so they will cost less than a more experienced groomer. New groomers are less likely to have built up any attitude or ego about their work just yet. They are willing to work their way up, can accept criticism more easily and can be molded into the vision you have for those in your employ. Hiring new groomers is making an investment in potential talent. This route is for when you see something in one’s personality, work ethic and love of animals rather than established skill. The technical elements must be learned or honed.

You need to give thought to the way you, as the business owner, want to proceed. Do you want to ensure everyone on staff is uniform in process and style or do you want to hire those ready to take on clients from day 1? Consider the pros and cons of each path and choose the one with which you will be most comfortable. Once you do, you will have the tone for the future of your grooming business.

Remember GroomPro POS online booking and appointment management features can help you assess your staff – how many clients they handle each day/week, the ratings and reviews posted on social media for each groomer and much, much more.

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Good luck and happy grooming!