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Groomers: How to Stay Relevant in Today’s Ever Changing Market

Groomers: How to Stay Relevant in Today’s Ever Changing Market

Groomers: How to Staying Relevant in Today’s Ever Changing Market

Inc. Magazine recently wrote a piece on the advent of new pet boarding companies like Dog Vacay and Rover[recently merged] which have caused a significant shift in the way people find boarding for their pets when out of town for business or vacation. Inc.’s ultimate conclusion in the article was to say that “pretty much anyone can take care of your pet”. At GroomPro POS, we strongly disagree.

Pet Grooming a trained and qualified profession

As a groomer, you know that it took a good deal of education – whether in school or as an apprentice – plus lots of dogs and cats coming onto your table [and into the tub] to hone your skill set. You’ve learned techniques for the varying breeds, methods to calm skittish animals, special tricks that turn a good look into a great one, and much more. You studied, became certified and practiced, practiced, practiced. You follow all of the rules and regulations that go along with certification and state requirements. All of this provides clients with a sense of trust when they book a service for their pet.

Today, is all about convenience

In today’s market, however, convenience and ease of use can be as important as safety and skill. That is why some companies have found real competition from people offering services in a home-based setting. This trend is hitting many industries, forcing trained and qualified professionals to find ways to stay relevant in their own area of specialty. Within the pet industry, the boarders have taken the brunt of the competitive punch in the nose. But new websites are popping up regularly that offer a few things that keep them competitive with businesses considered more qualified– ease in finding them, ease in booking, and ease in repeating the appointment.

Software, your best business partner

So, how do you keep your business competitive when the next generation wants instant access and instant gratification? The answer, add operational management software like GroomPro POS. Installing a system like this is an investment in your grooming business. Whether you operate from a physical location or have chosen to work in a mobile grooming unit, a software program like GroomPro POS will make it easy for prospective clients to find you, book a service and repeat the appointment. Use marketing features of GroomPro POS to enhance your marketing, highlight your skills (and those of your staff), as well as provide the ‘warm fuzzies’ that in-home businesses taught to prospective business. In doing so, you set yourself above the competition. Where home based groomers might be able to claim that a fur baby is going to receive a healthy dose of TLC in their care, they will be hard pressed to show they are registered with the state, maintaining safety and cleanliness regulations, etc. You can make the most of the user friendly marketing tools to showcase SAFETY * CLEANLINESS * LOVING CARE FOR YOUR FOUR LEGGED FAMILY MEMBERS! You can even focus different messages in each marketing campaign and use the included reporting tools that come with GroomPro POS to see which pitch yielded the greatest results.

The importance of having a digital presence

I find it very frustrating to look up a company only to find there is no digital presence whatsoever. How will I get in touch with them? Clearly, a competitor that I can easily get a hold of has a better chance of gaining my business. That’s why a system like GroomPro POS is so critical…don’t lose business to a larger competitor with a big software system. Don’t lose business to the home-based groomer who is tapping into a large Dog Vacay-type system either. Choose affordable…choose easy to use…choose state-of- the-art technology…choose to succeed. Choose GroomPro POS for your grooming business and stay ahead of the competition.

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