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5 Ways To Increase Traffic to Your Pet Grooming Business

5 Ways To Increase Traffic to Your Pet Grooming Business

Halloween is a great opportunity for Groomers to increase revenue. With the rapid expansion of the Pet Grooming Industry business owners must create meaningful relationships with their clients, (and their humans). Here are GroomPro POS’  Top 5 ways to increase traffic to your Pet Grooming Business that will increase retention and attract new customers this Halloween. (The great part about these is that you can utilize them all month, not just October 31st.)

1. Email customized offers to clients with a link to online booking

Promotions are not 1 size fits all. By customizing your Halloween offer based on your client’s purchasing history, you can make a meaningful connection with your customer. Even if its something as simple as 5% off a Doggie Bath or a Cat Claw Clip, taking the time to personalize a deal to meet your clients needs will make them feel special and create a long lasting bond. Make sure the email promotion has a direct link to your online booking page so scheduling an appointment is a breeze!

 2. Promote Halloween Deal on your Website & Facebook Page

Offering deals on your website or Facebook Page will get your business ranked higher on Google’s organic search and therefore will drive more traffic to your site. With the more content you have on your site that touches upon Pet Grooming the better your chances are to attract new customers searching for pet groomers on the web. Again, even if the deal is 5% off a $50.00 service ($2.50 off), both new and returning customers will jump at a discounted service, especially if it means their pet will look extra nice for this fun holiday. 

3. Ask Clients to review your Halloween Service

After a wash or a groom leave your furry clients with a Halloween themed scarf. Then after the service, send a customized review request asking how they enjoyed the Halloween Special. Automatically post positive reviews to your website and social media and drive more traffic to your business. Pet owners will love that you just gave them one less thing to worry about. 

4. Sell Halloween Treats & Costumes

As an upsell, make sure you offer Halloween themed treats and costumes in your store. This is a convenient way for your clients to purchase a costume without having to go out of their way. The easier you make your client’s the more appreciative they will be and therefore they will value your service more. Plus, people will ask your clients where they got the cute item and how they can get one themselves, free publicity!

 5. Throw a Halloween Party with a Costume Contest

Last, but definitely not least, invite your clients to a Halloween Costume Party. To make it interesting, have it be a couples party so humans and dogs dress alike. Not only will the owners love this idea, but the number of Instagram and Facebook posts that come from it will have everyone in town talking about your store.

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