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The Power of Customer Reviews

The Power of Customer Reviews

The power of customer reviews in the pet grooming business! 

As small children we learn the importance of what others think…in effect, schoolyard popularity is the first exposure to personal reviews. Fast forward to modern day business ownership and those reviews are even more important now that the Internet has made the world small enough to be one super-sized schoolyard. As a business owner, perhaps a pet groomer, you try your best to ensure every customer is happy with your product or service. In today’s social media environment, opinions are posted online before some customers pull out of the parking lot or walk down the street. Are they all happy? And, further, if someone posts a poor review, how damaging is it to your business?

A recent survey conducted by BrightLocal resulted in findings that 88% of consumers trust online reviews in choosing whether or not to buy that product or service. This is fairly remarkable considering it is likely that every review they see online is coming from a complete stranger. Further, several studies now show that nearly 90% of all consumers check reviews before moving forward with a purchase. I think it is safe to say that every voice counts.

So, how do you handle online reviews? Do you encourage reviews from happy customers? Do you offer a promotion to those willing to go online and post a review for you? What do you do if a bad review shows up? Here are GroomPro POS‘s solution to those questions that you can easily adapt to your pet grooming business.

How to effectively manage your online reviews?

If you are a pet groomer with GroomPro POS you have the tools you need to help your business manage its reputation and online customer reviews.

With GroomPro POS, you can easily set up your system to follow up with each customer with a thank you and an inquiry into how Fluffy is doing following her service. Ask pet parents to provide you with reviews. You can then share these reviews on your social media (or your website if you have an active site).To entice new reviews, you can offer a discount toward the next service or a free gift for Fluffy. You will gain insight into what your clients are thinking as well as earn a more vested client base.Ideas given in some of the reviews will provide the opportunity to improve your process too… a veritable suggestion box from the ones whose opinions truly matter. Keep in mind, the new, unique content from each posted review will also help with your organic search engine optimization (SEO). 

Positive reviews, therefore, will add to your reputation and your marketing efforts. With GroomPro POS, obtaining those reviews and keeping them in the client’s record is quick and easy.

How to effectively manage your negative reviews?

If you happen to receive a customer review that is neutral or negative, address it quickly to keep a bad situation from becoming worse. Some steps you should take to remedy the situation include:

  1. Don’t respond online. Call them to address the situation
  2. Reach out to the customer quickly
  3. Admit a mistake was made rather than offer excuses
  4. Point out strengths to show you are a professional
  5. Fix the problem…don’t just say you will
  6. Send a note, preferably handwritten, following your conversation. The extra step will be noticed.
  7. Reimburse the customer or provide restitution if warranted

You do your best to give each and every furry client a wonderful experience. Keep doing that – excellent service is the number one factor in building your grooming business. Your clients will – by and large – see the wonderful care you take with their furbabies. It is likely, however, that you will receive the occasional bad review. Don’t fret – take action. With GroomPro POS maintaining your customer reviews  and reputation and has never been easier.

Remember, stay ahead of the competition. Be prepared for all contingencies. Take steps toward success…And live a life you can enjoy. Call Us (855) 811 7550 or visit our website GroomPro POS today!