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To Sell Retail or Not to Sell Retail at your Pet Grooming Shop: That is the Question

To Sell Retail or Not to Sell Retail at your Pet Grooming Shop: That is the Question

If you are reading this, you probably have asked yourself whether you should sell retail or not to sell retail at your Pet Grooming Shop. You have come to the right place, continue reading for answers!

Owning your own business, no matter the industry, comes with certain goals: being your own boss, charting your own course for the future, career satisfaction, being successful and, of course, making money. All of these are important and, thus, warrant their own discussion. Today’s post will focus on one specific aspect of the last goal mentioned – making money.

Expand Your Business

If you are a groomer, the key to your success is, of course, the quality and compassion with which you deliver your services. Happy, beautiful groomed dogs and cats will yield happy, returning customers. If you have a fixed number of grooming tables, a set number of groomers/helpers (be they apprentices or assistants) working with you and a finite number of days/hours in the week, you have a cap on how much your business can yield in a given day/month/year. Expanding to a larger space or having multiple locations is an option, but both require added capital.

Offer Retail Products

How else might you increase revenues? The most tried and true way is to offer retail products to  your customers. According to Access Development, those with whom you already have a positive relationship are more likely to continue spending with you. Thus, as long as customers are opening up their wallets to pay for their furbaby’s grooming, they are more inclined to add on to their purchase with retail items you have on display.

What Products to Offer?

Next comes the question of what to offer. The most sensible products to offer are ones that blend homogeneously with the services your establishment offers. Grooming blends well with carrying dog jackets, sweaters and coats. Brushing the pearly whites of your quadruped clients lends itself to carrying breath freshening and dental maintenance products. Hair bows and clips, collars, and an array of other canine (or feline) accessories all go well with your services. Impulse items may include biscuits sold individually or other specialty treats that can be kept near the reception desk. Gift items may also yield sales. Consider animal-themed picture frames, magnets, and other small purchases that invoke a smile to the client waiting for their newly coiffed four-legged child. Add-on items typically have a price point that is lower than that of the primary purchase. Thus, try to stay away from big-ticket items like doggie strollers. They sell by far less frequently and will tie up capital.

Still having a hard time envisioning what to offer? Try an old psychology method. Close your eyes and let your mind drift back to your childhood. Try to envision shopping with your mom or dad. Think of all of the fun items you convinced them to buy simply because they were on display at the register area. THAT is the guttural response you want to invoke in your clients.

Do the Math!

Consider an average $50 service scaling up to a $70 purchase. That extra $20 may have yielded $10+ in net revenue for your business. Up-selling is a cornerstone of sales. It can be the difference between getting by and turning a significant profit. Over the next two weeks, take a look at the reception desk or register area of every retail or service based business you enter. You will see how important it is to get in on this component. Give thought to items that have been requested, inquired about or mentioned by your customers.

Give retail a chance. The only thing you have to lose is some counter space. What you have to gain, however, is greater success.

Good luck!!

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