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What does your Pet Grooming business need?

Appointment Management

Maximize your daily operations without missing appointment

  • Accept bookings 24/7
  • Maximize your daily schedule with smart services
  • Identify the busiest time of day and days of the week to staff appropriately
  • Check in and out clients with a click of a button
  • View your entire team schedule or just an individual staff member at a glance.
  • See emojis to understand whether you have new or existing customers coming in that day

Customer Management

Centralize all your customer data and transactions in one organized place

  • View and manage each customer’s activity and automatically log all communications
  • Save important information like vaccination records, waivers, reminders, allergies, grooming history, special needs, etc
  • Access, update and share information with your grooming colleagues
  • Retarget customers with effective promotions
  • Reach customers with promotions based on their purchasing history to bring them back to your business

Marketing Management

Protect your brand value by improving your customer's satisfaction and get easily found online

  • Spend your money wisely in campaigns and promos that are targeted to your customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction and drive new business by requesting online reviews
  • Respond automatically to bad reviews helping to save your brand
  • Get new customers by being on top of the search engines rankings and apps

Smart Register

Collect payments anywhere and easily reward your staff with facing tips

  • Manage your business from anywhere with unlimited logins on our cloud based system
  • Be eco-friendly by sending online invoices and email receipts
  • Eliminate administrative work by setting up recurring payments
  • Increase revenue by 15%-20% and staff satisfaction with customer facing tips
  • Reward your most loyal customers with discounts at checkout
  • Lowest processing rates guaranteed


Make data-driven decisions that will maximize your financial performance and your customer’s satisfaction

  • Make faster, more accurate and measurable decisions with our dashboards
  • Quickly identify trends about your most loyal customers, and most popular time slots, days and months
  • Understand what your customers are demanding
  • Track the performance of every groomer easily

One more thing. Maybe nine.

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