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December 2018


Connect Add-Ons To Services: Upselling is everything! If your company offers add-ons for your pet grooming services, you can now directly link them to the services they are connected to. GroomProPOS will now pull these add-on options directly to your checkout screen when you select a service, so you and your employees will never forget to go for that extra money. Increase profits, provide more detailed service, and make life easier for your employees! To learn more about GroomPro's add-on feature view our "How To" article.

MailChimp Integration: When you sync your pet grooming tools to work together, you can do more than ever! Connect GroomProPOS to MailChimp, exporting your email list to get the most out of email marketing. You no longer will have to separately manage both accounts, but can now streamline your email marketing. Send out custom emails about new deals, promotions, and any information you need to convey to your pet grooming customers to help grow your business and make more money! To learn more about how GroomPro connects with MailChimp view our "How To" article.

November 2018


Form Integration: GroomProPOS has introduced the ability to create custom forms that integrate directly with your software. This allows for pet grooming customers to send forms from any url, for instance a page on your website or an iPad/tablet apps. No more wasting time manually entering information that customers write on paper before pet grooming appointments. Examples include website lead generation forms, on-site client intake forms, information requests. Drastically cut down on duplicate data entry by having all information digitized and sent through the same platform. Common form integrations include WuFoo, Survey Monkey, TypeForm, Google Forms, and JotForm.

Send Emails From Your Domain Name: With GroomProPOS you can now send e-mail campaigns from your company email! Use your own domain name when sending individual emails, or sending blast email campaigns with GroomProPOS. Increase credibility and professionalism by connecting your CNAME records at your domain registrar with the GroomProPOS mail server.

Ledger Adjustments: Keep your books straight and never lose a bill from a client with Ledger Adjustments. Accept a check only to find out it bounced? Not to worry, you'll never lose accounts recievable with bounced checks, chargebacks and ach returns. You and your staff can simply adjust with ledger adjustments, click here to learn more.

October 2018


Smart Number Routing : On vacation, changing locations, or want after hour calls to route elsewhere or a cell phone? Now the GroomPro Software allows editing of your destination number and switches call routing in real time. Never miss a pet grooming customer call or potential client with Smart Number editable routing.

Facebook Review Sharing : Updates to review facebook review integration. Updates have been made to the GroomProPOS review posting FB API. Now reviews can be posted complete with pet grooming customer review content and company branding using the Facebook Dialog Share.

TSYS Payment Gateway : Now connects to TSYS Payments gateway. TSYS is one of the largest payment gateways in the world. This gives GroomPro merchants complete control and flexibility over the merchant service provider and decouples it with their software. Never get locked in with a software platform that has all of your data that doesn't provide merchant account portability. Learn more

Customizable Appointment Tags: Add custom tags or reminders to your pet grooming appointments. Tags show directly on your GroomProPOS calendar so you can quickly act and remember key info.

September 2018


Inbound Smart Number Porting: Want to auto log all inbound calls in your database? Now you can port your existing, publicly facing number to GroomPro and automatically record and sync all pet grooming calls with your cloud database. You're fully in control of your number, but now customers automatically show up making pet grooming scheduling and tracking a breeze.

August 2018


Customizable SMS Appointment Reminders: SMS Text Message & Email Reminders for your pet grooming appointments! Using a smart templating language you can dynamically include customer first name, last name, appointment date and appointment time to craft a tailored message

Digital Tip Reporting: Allow customers to tip virtually and sign with any touchscreen device! Tabulate complete reports for each of your staff members to calculate total revenue and divvy up additional earnings. Digital tips versus cash tips generate significantly more tip income for your and your staff. Simply allow customers to tip after signing on you SignPad device. Pool tips or separate out by staff with this handy report.

First American Payments: GroomPro has now partnered with First American Payments. First American processes over $40 billion in payment volume. Features include next day funding, consolidated monthly fee netting, and ACH Payments.

July 2018


Message Center: See and manage all your customer communications in one spot. Where you're following up with prospects or managing existing client relationships you can now use GroomPro's message center to easily communicate with your contacts.

Branded Emailing from Your Domain: Now when you communicate directly from GroomPro to customers or send email campaigns from GroomPro your customers can see that they are coming from your website. Create a professional look with messaging from your own domain.

June 2018


Company Wide Customer Texting: Customer love to text. Some millenials don't even know how to make a phone call ;) GroomPro now provides complete text and corporate SMS services integrated into your account. All texts come from your corporate phone #.

Get a Smart #: Minimize the data entry and ensure all communications are tracked in one spot. New Smart #'s from GroomPro sync inbound calls and automagically create contacts in your system when the call comes in.

SmartTips: Increase your top line by 10-20% with simple and easy tip collection. Convert any iPad or tablet into a simple tool to collect signature and then tip. This is fully integrated with the GroomPro Software & Checkout flow.

Star MPOP Printer & Cash Drawer: The sleek all in one Star mPOP is now tested and integrated with GroomPro's POS platform.

Infraction Counts: Easily see when booking a client if they are someone that often to no-shows. An 'Infranction Count' will now show on your appointment window when scheduling.

Appointment Reminders: Avoid no shows and last minute cancellations with text and email reminders that go out the night before. Keep your staff busy and maximize your company's efficiency.

May 2018


SEO & Directory Listings Integrations: Learn more about how visitors engage with your site and drive more traffic to your website. Connect your site to powerful marketing tools like and publish your business and website to over 50 different search engines and review sites.

Django Upgrade: Major security improvements to support all GroomPro and related product's security. Enhanced encryption and file patching.

15 Minute long appointment increments: Instead of just 15 minute and 30 minute calendar increments, you can now break your calendar down into 15 minute increments.

April 2018


Register Management: Close out report, also known as a Z-report, is now provided to tie out cash collected for the day so you can balance your register and cash account.

SmartTips using Percentages: Rather than just have a tip for $5, $10, $15, you can now collect tips for 15%, 18%, 25% or any custom amount you'd like.

March 2018


Card Vault: Be the Amazon of the pet grooming industry by easily and securely storing cards on file for convenient customer billing and increased cashflow.

eInvoicing: Easily send clients e-invoices for payment via card or eCheck by email. Get notified when their past due.

February 2018


Recurring Billing: GroomPro launches recurring billing tool for businesses that want to bill clients on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Collect Tips & Signature On iPads or iPhones:: Collect digital tips - average businesses see $10,000 in additional revenue by just asking for tips as part of the signature.

Inventory Manager: New inventory management functionality is live. Keep track of stocks, inventory balances and deduct from stock with every sale. Use a bar code scanner for faster checkout.

January 2018


Quick click contact additions: Fix form submission for New Contact from the header dropdown allows you to easily add a pet grooming customer to your GroomProPOS database.

Email campaign update/fix: Email Marketing Fix Released

Register & POS Checkout: Build and save invoices for immediate or future checkout. Or simply email invoices to clients that still owe you money.

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