GroomProPOS's Newest Features

Last Updated October 2018

Customizable Appointment Tags

Add custom tags or reminders to your appointments. Tags show directly on your calendar so you can quickly act and remember key info.

TSYS Payment Gateway

Now connects to TSYS Payments gateway. TSYS is one of the largest payment gateways in the world. This gives GroomPro merchants complete control and flexibility over the merchant service provider and decouples it with their software. Never get locked in with a software platform that has all of your data that doesn't provide merchant account portability. Learn more

Smart Number Routing

On vacation, changing locations, or want after hour calls to route elsewhere or a cell phone? Now the GroomPro Software allows editing of your destination number and switches call routing in real time. Never miss a customer call or potential client with Smart Number editable routing.

Facebook Review Sharing

Updates to review facebook review integration. Updates have been made to the GroomProPOS review posting FB API. Now reviews can be posted complete with customer review content and company branding using the Facebook Dialog Share.

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