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Understanding your Pet Grooming Customers: The four-legged clients

Understanding your Pet Grooming Customers: The four-legged clients

Understanding your Pet Grooming Customers: The four-legged clients

Opening a pet grooming business is a big step and, unlike most businesses, introduces you to two tiers of clientele: your biped customers and your fluffy, quadruped clients. Clients who can walk and talk have an easier time communicating, so, for this installment of GroomPro POS’ blog, let’s talk about the four-legged clients. How our fluffy clients communicate with us – and how well we understand them – is critical to achieving success as a pet groomer. Author’s note, knowing your pet parents is equally important, so our next post will speak exclusively to them.

Just like people, pets have different personality types and quirks. Understanding who you are grooming from one day to the next will give you a good gauge of how to handle them for an optimal experience. So imagine it is morning. You and your hot cup of Joe have walked in to your grooming salon. Lights get turned on; any equipment and the front computer get booted up. You flip the sign in the window to open and await your first client. Will it be a frightened dog, a wild and crazy puppy, an aggressive dog or perhaps a ‘mushy’ puppy (as we call them at our home) who wants to snuggle instead of take a bath. Wait, you can easily find out when you log into your pet groomer software and check the file on Fluffy. You read the client file and now know it is a nervous dog – with an equally nervous pet parent. You are now armed with the knowledge that a soft hello to both, with a gentle pat on the head for Fluffy, will help calm her down. This, in turn, will calm her mom. It also allows you to pre-emptively tell mom that you are going to handle Fluffy’s grooming in slow, steady phases so she can calm down after each. It takes a touch longer, but Fluffy will be more relaxed, cooperative and, in the end, have a better experience.

Knowledge like this means happier clients – both kinds. Happy clients return for follow up appointments. They book more frequently and are more likely to tell their friends about your salon. They are also more likely to post about their experience.

Pets have as much personality as people. Knowing how the various personalities react in certain settings will enhance your ability to do your job and do it well.

At GroomPro POS, we are firm believers that knowledge is key. Having information on not only the type of breed you are grooming, but also the personality type of the dog and the grooming preferences of the owner helps make for a better experience for all. Though keeping details on an index card can do the trick, operational software, particularly pet grooming software like GroomPro POS, can fine tune your process and keep your information as current as possible. Having your back end software feed your front end process will position you as both a caring and professional groomer – one who truly cares about your clients’ experience.

Remember, stay ahead of the competition. Be prepared for all contingencies. Take steps toward success and live a life you can enjoy!

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