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E-Receipts: Eco-friendly in more ways than one

E-Receipts: Eco-friendly in more ways than one

Save Trees, Use E-Receipts!

I read a remarkable statistic this week. According to Will Hines, a Clinton Global Initiative University Commitment-Maker, more than 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water are consumed annually in the creation of paper receipts for the United States, generating 1.5 billion pounds of waste. Whether you like shopping or simply do so out of necessity, you are bound to have a remarkable amount of paper receipts floating about – in the car, a drawer, a pocketbook or wallet serving as a story-teller of how your weekly/monthly budget is spent. Such receipts seem like a necessary evil, but perhaps there are other possibilities, like E-Receipts, an eco-friendly and economy friendly alternative.

E-receipts, a wise move

The flip side is your business-self – the one who wants to connect with customers, save money on expenses and increase revenues, all the while being a good resident here on Planet Earth. Each customer receives a paper receipt for services rendered. Generating a receipt takes time, money and, as the eye opening statistics I just gave you note, a bite out of our environment. To create happier customers, more profitable businesses and a healthier environment, making the switch to e-receipts is a wise move for businesses.

Loyal Customers

Like many professionals in the service arena, pet groomers have clients they see with great regularity, as well as others who bring their pets for grooming on a more catch-as-catch-can timeframe. We all know that a happy and loyal customer base is vital to business success – whether they come in regularly or at odd intervals. Though we all have great intentions about dotting every ‘I’ and crossing every ‘t’, there are only 24 hours in a day. Often it is hard to tend to those little extras. Those special touches are frequently the ones that deepen client relationships or cultivate first-time clients. Eco-friendly software is a great vehicle for added contact with clients, sending e-receipts or follow-up messages to ensure satisfied customers. Working smarter – by allowing technology to do some tasks for you – is a great way to add to your customer service strategy for humans, leaving you more time to do tend to your furry client base.

POS Systems

Employing a POS System may offer your business an array of benefits. Tracking cash-flow, pricing, sales, product/service updates, tax information, reporting and online marketing tools are among the features these user-friendly programs can offer. Imagine hours of manual work done for you at lightning speed, all the while reducing waste and, thus, your carbon footprint.

We all try to be a little bit more environmentally friendly these days and that can be difficult as a function of business. Finding ways to make small differences to reduce one’s digital footprint can be a challenge. Being vigilant with turning off lights and other electric equipment will save you money and reduce use, but employing a POS system like GroomPro POS will enhance business and should you to be technologically savvy and consumer oriented to your clients, along with attentive to our environment.

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