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Recurring Appointments, Setting Up today for tomorrow

Recurring Appointments, Setting Up today for tomorrow

Improve your staffing schedule or plan for longer days in advance with recurring appointments!


Acquiring a new customer takes a good deal of effort. You have to do a lot of advertising, marketing and online social networking until new prospects become customers. Converting that first time customer into a regular, recurring customer is critical to service based businesses like pet grooming salons.

At GroomPro POS, we understand this challenge and have designed tools like recruiting appointments, to help keep those clients coming back for more.

We love our clients dearly, don’t we? They are the lifeblood of our business and they keep our days interesting. Most business owners spend more hours at their place of business than they do at home, so these are the folks we chat with, get to know and look forward to seeing each time they entrust us with their furbaby for a grooming. But, the truth is they have busy lives, too, and often forget to make an appointment until that moment when they look at their pet and realize a grooming is well past due (or get a whiff of their not-so-fresh-needs-a-bath-in-a-big-way pet). This makes for poor scheduling – in terms of staffing and spending as much time on each client you would like.

With GroomPro POS, you can send an email or text to clients at a designated time following their pet’s service. This message can be a thank you note with a message that you hope everything was nothing short of perfect for their pet. It can ask for a review that you can use with your marketing and social media efforts, and it can direct them right to the online booking tool. They can schedule one appointment or, if preferred, recurring appointments to last for months at a time (even longer). Perhaps Princess needs a bath on the first of every month or the first Tuesday of every month. Perhaps her pet parent likes a steady schedule of every 5 weeks. Whatever your client is looking for, GroomPro POS’ online scheduler can get it done quickly and effortlessly. Reminders of the upcoming appointments can be sent to ensure they arrive on time. For customers who need to adjust an appointment if something ‘comes up’, the online booking tool will permit them to change their appointment, rather than leaving a voicemail message to cancel without the surety of a new appointment on the books. This tool will present you as the consummate professional and will endear your clients to you because you are an excellent groomer who knows how to make their lives a touch easier.

With recurring appointments scheduled, you can better prepare for the days ahead. Be prepared by improving your staffing schedule, ensuring sufficient supplies are on hand, and even planning for longer days in advance. With GroomPro POS  it’s easier than ever to chart a course for your business’ growth.

Even with the ease of recurring scheduling, some clients may still shy away from using the tool. However, the ease of GroomPro POS’ online booking will make it convenient for them to schedule appointments one at a time. While this does not give you the kind of up front planning we’ve been discussing, it still frees you from answering the phone while grooming a client or speaking with a pet parent at drop off or pick up time.

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